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This website was born to offer a reference site both for users and developers of Lognoter Forms, to foster the creation and distribution of forms and other Lognoter utilities.

In Lognoter Forms you will find:

  • The latest versions of Forms and Lognoter libraries.
  • Information about the state of art of the projects in development.
  • Help and tutorials addressed to users and developers.
  • You will also be able to make comments or report bugs in the section Tickets.

To enjoy the forms available in Lognoter Foms site you only need to download a free Lognoter version from here.

This project has been developed with the collaboration of:


Centre Internacional de Mètodes Numèrics en Enginyeria (CIMNE)

Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Navales (COIN)

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Naval y Oceánica (Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena)

What is Lognoter?

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Lognoter is a software which permits to store all the information on an engineering project, using different standards. Lognoter also permits to create sophisticated calculation, verification or audit forms. This form creation tool has been christened "Lognoter Forms".

To learn more about Lognoter you can visit the official web.

Why use Lognoter forms?

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  • The Lognoter forms have an easy and intuitive interface.
  • The internal Lognoter databases permits to store and edit all the data and calculation results in an ordered and simple way.
  • Into the same file, Llognoter permits to create and edit documentation pages, attach images and additional files, and gather all information about a project.
  • Lognoter has the capacity of creating exportable reports in several formats (PDF, HTML, etc).
  • It is very easy to add a Tcl/Tk script code into Lognoter, which can widely extend its capabilities.


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  1. Delft´s Method: Method to predict the drag of sailing boats.Wiki
  2. Holtrop & Mennen´s Method: Method to predict the drag of displacement ships.Wiki
  3. Morison: Tool to evaluate the dynamic behaviour of tubular off-shore structures. Wiki
  4. Eurocode 3: Form for verification of steel structure projects Wiki
  5. Bisupported beam (Trapezoid load): Form to calculate the bending moment distribution and shear stresses in a bi-supported beam with a generic load.Wiki
  6. FAST: FAST Lognoter is a graphic interface to data introduction, calculation and postprocess of FAST program, which permits the aerolastic calculation of the wind turbine blades.Wiki"
  7. SolveEDO: SolveEDO is a form which permits to solve second order differential equation of type: Ax'' + Bx' + Cx = Dsen(wt) + Fcos(wt), with initial condition x(0) y x'(0). Wiki


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  1. Logplotter:It adds capabilities for graphs creation (deprecated, nowadays a new graphs creation library is included in Lognoter).Wiki

Tutorials and help

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  1. Introduction to code editing: How to edit XML or Tcl/Tk code of the forms.Wiki
  2. Frequently Asked Questions about Tcl/Tk. FAQ Tcl/Tk
  3. Information and Links about Tcl/Tk and Lognoter. Link

Interesting links

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  1. Lognoter: Official web of Lognoter, where you will find information about this platform and you can also download the latest free version of the program for different operating systems.Web
  2. RamDebugger: Official web of IDE and debugger to XML and Tcl/TK included into Lognoter. Web