• Examples

    Inside of GiD folder *.gid (example folder) there is anohter folder with the results of the analysis.

    It is possible to import the results with Nastran Interface to see them in the post-porcessing part.

    Visit here to see some ilustrated examples.


    Our licenses are computer-based. Therefore, Nastran interface full version can be activated by inserting a password in the GiD menu Help->Register Problem type In order to obtain an evaluation password for any of our software programs, please go to password page. For purchasing a professional password please contact us at: info@compassis.com .

    Note : The executable files work in DEMO mode, thus are limited for calculations of small models only.


    The supported operating systems for the most recent releases for Nastran are Windows (x86), Windows (64-bit, x64), Linux (x86) and Linux (64-bit, x64).

    Getting started

    If at any time you need assistance, you can find the help you need:

    Documentation, including software manuals and tutorials

    For more specific information about Nastran, please contact the Compass technical support team at info@compassis.com

    For more information about the GiD pre/post-processor requirements, visit GiD website

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    You can get this information from a dialog box window Register Module under Help. More information about how to do it can be found here .

Nastran-Interface: technical data


By using different tools in the pre-processing module of Tdyn you can define geometries typical for CAD systems like NURBS or COONS. The pre-processing module allows importing CAD archives into NASTRAN Interface that are saved in IGES, DFX, VDA or PARASOLID or other formats.

To help the geometry definition process, Nastran Interface works with variety of CAD tools or visualizations options.

Once the geometry definition is finished, the problem data is entered into the same environment of Nastran Interface. With Nastran Interfaceyou have the important control of the mesh generation by being able to change the size and quality of elements.

Data Definition

Nastran Interface saves your time by using semiautomatic data definition tasks. Materials and boundary conditions will be able to be assigned directly over geometry entities without previous mesh generation, which makes this process to be a simple and natural. This makes Nastran Interfaceto be non-dependent on the finite element model. This means, that if for any reason, the geometry have to be re-meshed, it will not be necessary to re-assign the conditions.

On the other hand, the option to assign conditions and materials to mesh elements is also available to satisfy all possible necessities of different users.

Obtain a Nastran input file

The process of obtaining an input file for Nastran codes is completely automized and only needs to define some of the problem paramters. Optimizaed algorithoms make this task very fast even for models with big number of elements.


Nastran Interfacehas multiple forms to import results form different programs including: FEMAP neutral format (*.neu), PUNCH format (*.pch).

With these features, Nastran Interfacemakes it posible to pre/post-process a model in the same envarioment using multiple visualization techniques depending on the eligible interpretation of the model.

Very useful are color maps, structure deformations drawings, graphic visualization of a stress in bars, reactions vectors, stress vectors, and many others.

Nastran-interface can be downloaded from:

GiD Pre and Post Processor:

The GiD menu option Data->Problem type->Internet Retrieve permits to download Nastran-interface between others files. Notice that it is necessary to have internet access, preferably an high-speed connection in order to use this tool. Choose Nastran (Nastran examples if wanted) from the list of problem types and click on the Retrieve Problem type button. This way Nastran problem type will be installed automatically inside the GiD problem types directory. Finally the GiD menu tool Data->Problem type will allow you to select Nastran between all the installed problem types.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing 'Internet retrieve' files, this can be caused by your proxy/firewall filter settings. Then, a possibility could be to change the proxy-server configuration settings due to all requests for websites must go through the proxy settings in order to access them. Another solution might be to access our public FTP server directly, as follows:

Server: https://www.gidhome.com/archive/gidmodules

Direct link to download: Nastran 4.1 (11 MB)

Nastran Interface can be downloaded in problem type of GiD or inside the GiD Problem Types directory or to another subdirectory within it. This way Nastran will be shown automatically inGiD menu option Data->Problem type. It should be emphasized here that Problem type->Load tool also allows you to easily access Nastran Interface.

Nastran-Interface: technical data