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    Our licenses are computer-based. Therefore, Nastran-interface full version can be activated by inserting a password in the GiD menu 'Help->Register Problem type'. In order to obtain an evaluation password for any of our software programs, please go to Password page .. For purchasing any professional password please contact us at: info@compassis.com .

    Note : The executable files work in DEMO mode, thus are limited for calculations of small models only.


    The supported operating systems for the most recent releases for Nastran are Windows (x86), Windows (64-bit, x64), Linux (x86) and Linux (64-bit, x64).

    Getting started

    If at any time you need assistance, you can find the help you need:

    Documentation, including software manuals and tutorials

    For more specific information about Nastran, please contact the Compass technical support team at info@compassis.com

    For more information about the GiD pre/post-processor requirements, visit GiD website

Download SoftEd

Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

Current version: 10.3R1.0

This is a standard installer for windows that will guide you through the installation process.

Download: setup-CompassFEM+SoftEd

SoftEd is composed by two different modules: GiD 10 and RamSeries version 6. It comes with evaluation passwords for both modules, therefore the user can only manage models with a few number of nodes:

  • Meshing (GiD): 1000 nodes.
  • Calculation (RamSeries): 10 nodes for beam elements and 300 nodes for shell elements.

It should be emphasized that the evaluation passwords are enough to follow all the exercises built in SoftEd.

In the case of meshes with a higher number of nodes, then a trial password (for one month) should be generated. Trial passwords are provided for a period of 30 days and activate all the capabilities of the software, without any further restriction. Notice that these evaluation passwords are provided with the sole purpose of testing the program and checking its capabilities. They can not be used for any professional and/or production work.

The required information for obtaining the trial passwords for the modules GiD 10 and RamSeries version 6 is the following:

  • Computer name
  • Sysinfo
  • Operating System

It can be obtained in the SoftEd submenus Help -> Register CompassFEM+SoftEdandHelp -> Register problem type.

  • Write your GiD 10trial password in the menu option Help -> Register CompassFEM+SoftEd.
  • Write your RamSeries version 6trial password in the menu option Help -> Register problem type.

Note: On Windows7operative system could be necessary to execute the software as rootto be able to introduce its password successfully.

In this way, open the contextual menu (right mouse button) over SoftEd execution icon and choose Execute as administrator.Then running it as an administrator can give the program the permission it needs to run properly.

Download SoftEd