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News in version

News in version Tdyn 14.0.1

  • Bug fixed in RamSeries structural solver concerning the calculation of strengths when using hybrid meshes (mixing element types)
  • Undo window added to the Tdyn postprocess menu options
  • Performance improved in the streamlines post-processing tool
  • Improvements in the GUI layout: Tdyn data tree panel can be docked to both, left and right sides of the main window
  • Bug fixed in fluid material properties section of the data tree
  • Improvements in the new Help system
  • Bug fixed in the execution of Tdyn CFD+HT models using Parallel mode. Now, the maximum number of processors available is effectively used by default

News in version Tdyn 14.0.0

  • Totally renewed graphic user interface
  • First version of a new MPI parallel solver for CFD problems
  • New coupling algorithm between the multiphysics (Tdyn CFD+HT) and the structural (RamSeries) solvers
  • Fully parallelized calculation of structural problems with multiple load cases
  • Enhanced Fatigue Damage Assessment (FDA) capabilities
  • Enhanced fluid-boundary mechanical contacts
  • New GUI capabilities for easy definition of SeaFEM body links
  • New tutorials and interactive Help system
  • Fully updated Linux version
News in version