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Jacob G. Stone, 25, of Maple Valley happens to be accused of firing shots at another driver during an incident in the northbound lanes of I-405 near the Highway 167 interchange. Road rage shootings are often silly but this situation ramps stupidity to a brand new degree because the 3 a.m. event unfolded right before a situation Patrol trooper. If you adored this short article and you would certainly such as to get more information relating to Bungling Ben kindly see our page. If Stone is convicted of this felony cost, he could visit jail and he will lose his directly to legally have a firearm.

Perhaps a precipitation was responsible for what recently washed up around the shores of Rhos on Sea and Shell Island - ambergris! Now, when you yourself haven't met this before, it is basically: whale vomit - the puke of a mammal! And, as if to prove just how stupid humankind is, it has started a little bit of a gold rush. Ambergris can be used into the production of perfume. Using this waxy substance secreted by the sperm whale fetching more than ?10 a gram, a find is well worth up to ?2,000.